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Types of Garage Doors: What You Need to Know

Which One Is Right For You

Garage doors Brentwood are an important aspect to your home. They provide security, safety, and style for both the interior of your house and exterior. Garage doors come in many different types with each type having its own unique benefits.

The first type of garage door is the overhead garage door. This is the most common type and it operates by a large metal panel that slides up and down on tracks above the door opening. These doors are generally less expensive than other types and they can be installed pretty easily. However, they do take up a lot of space both when open and closed so they may not be ideal for smaller homes or garages.

Garage Doors Brentwood

Another popular type of garage door is the roll-up garage door. As its name suggests, this type of door rolls up into a cylinder near the ceiling as opposed to sliding along tracks like an overhead garage door. This style tends to be more aesthetically pleasing since it won’t have any ugly tracks running across your garage and it takes up less space than an overhead garage door. However, roll-up doors can be a bit more expensive and they require more maintenance since the tracks and rollers need to be kept clean and well lubricated.

The final type of garage door is the swing-out garage door. This style swings open like a regular door instead of rolling up or sliding down. Swing-out doors are typically cheaper than other types of garage doors and they’re easy to operate. However, they do take up quite a bit of space when open so they may not be ideal for small garages or homes.